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Why Dermatique is so effective and unique?

During the aging process, especially in mature, sluggish, damaged skin, there is a let down in the metabolic function in the skin. That's why senile skin loses its color and loses its thickness, loses its vitality so to speak. As said, Dermatique replenishes that which the aging process depletes. The heart of the formula is the Tetraiodothyronine we call T-4 which is responsible for the uplift of the metabolic state of the skin. By this I mean T-4 creates an atmosphere which is conducive to a greater uptake from the circulation of Vitamin A, the Beta Estradiol and the nutritional elements; amino acids, that make up for protein, etc., etc.

The entire complex creates the building blocks for new cellular growth for skin renewal. It's the only composition of its kind in the world, that's why I say the T-4 is the heart of the formula by virtue of the fact that it creates an appetite, a hunger for all the nutritional elements, the hormone elements, to create new building blocks for cell renewal / skin renewal. That's the secret of Dermatique. It's understandable that Vitamin A is most essential for skin and mucus membranes, the absence of which is a very negative condition: it's an essential building block. Every woman requires an optimum concentration of Betaestraidol and every cell in the body must have a normal concentration of T-4, otherwise, the function of every cell, whether it's in the brain or in the skin, is sluggish. I emphasize T-4 as being the heart of the formula by virtue of the fact that it creates this avidity for everything that the circulation brings to the cells. The birthplace is in the basal layer, that's where the greatest impact of this T-4, Betaestradiol and Vitamin A have the greatest impact. In time, the glands of secretion in the dermis moisture are also awakened to come forth.