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Scar Treatment

Scars are a permanent visible reminder of a significant event in a person's life and can be a reminder of an unhappy or bad experience. Though there are many different techniques to lessen the visibility of scar tissues, including cosmetic surgery, pressure garments, the use of locally injected steroids and silicone gel sheets, Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula offers a simple, inexpensive, non-invasive alternative for greatly diminishing disfiguring scars.

PICTURE ON LEFT - May 29, 1991 – Greg C

Greg is a 28 year old male who was in an automobile accident on 4/1/91 and sustained a laceration to his nose. He was treated initially at a hospital in Oregon. He has had healing of the laceration but there is some hypertrophic scaring over the area. I advised him to start using Dermatique twice daily.

PICTURE ON RIGHT - February 24, 1992 – Greg C.

Greg is in today for a follow-up on the facial scars that he sustained in an automobile accident on 4/1/91. Since his visit in May of 1991, he used Dermatique extensively. He has had marked resolution of his scars and really will require no revisitation. I am quite impressed with the results of the natural healing of his scars along with the application of Dermatique. It should also be noted that I did an internal nasal examination. He has a cold and there is some swelling of the mucosa inside his nose on both sides but he has no significant deformity of the septum and he relates that he has had no trouble breathing when he does not have a cold.

After only 9 months of applying Dermatique as a scar treatment twice daily, the scar on Greg's nose has greatly diminished.

Dean E. Sorenson, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Scars become softer and less prominent with continued daily use; scars, pits and blemishes (even such acne scars). The area of scar treatment is one where Dermatique has had immense success.

Bilateral Preauricular Post Necrotic Scars:

Left:..... Scars untreated after eight months.

Right: ...Eight months of scar treatment with Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula and Dermatique Clarifying Lotion with 10% Glycolic Acid.

Name: Harkins, Ronald
Age: 32

January 2, 1991
Ron is a 32 yr. old male who was involved in an automobile accident. Although restrained by a seat belt, he hit the back of a stopped road grater and sustained facial lacerations.

January 7,1991
The sutures from the right eyebrow, the right forehead, the left forehead, the left eyebrow and the left neck, chin, cheek and ear were all removed.

January 21, 1991
Ron is in today for suture removal of the left ear. I advised him to use Dermatique twice a day on all his scars, which I think will help him since we have a lot of improvement with other patients who use Dermatique from similar situations.

March 4, 1991
Ron stated that Dermatique has worked wonders on the scar on his forehead. I gave him pictures of his traumatic wounds on his last visit. He is very satisfied with the healing considering the gravity of his injury.

March 30,1992
Ron came in today in follow-up for his facial scars. He was in an automobile accident fourteen months ago and has had a miraculous recovery regarding his facial surgery. Photographs were taken today. He has been meticulous with his Dermatique and I know this contributed to his good results.