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Hi William,

I think the product is wonderful! I got some acne scars and have many many blackheads / big pore on my nose. After using the products, the scars and big pore had minimized and my skin colour looked brighter and whiter. Everyone noticed the difference and I told them about the products. My aunt and her co-worker just bought two sets.

I am now much more happier and more confident. I had tried many products before and I think this is the best product of all. It can be evidenced that I never had the patient to use up a product except Dermatique. It was by chance and luck that I am using the product now. I picked up a brochure / leaflet about the product a few years ago from your Hong Kong distributor (it does not have one now) and I put it in the drawer and never touched it since then. My skin had become very bad about half year ago and I was very depressed since other products could not help. Then, I found the leaflet and try to find the company from Yahoo. This is how I start using your product and I think the company should make more advertisement and let more people know.

I think I should stop now and you too "Have a wonderful day!"