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In an exclusive interview, two renowed plastic surgeons tell their experiences regarding the use of Dermatique in preventing and correcting hypertrophic scars and keloids, in pre- and post-surgical prepping and in the recovery of the skin's texture.

Jose Lopes Pereira

Married, the father of five children, and with 24 years devoted to aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, Jose is a specialist in this field with vast experience. Jose Lopes graduated in 1968 from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. He did his post graduate work at St. Laurence Hospital (Chepstow) and Mount Vernon Hospital (London).

 The plastic surgeon, Jose Lopes Pereira, uses Dermatique in most treatments and surgeries performed in his clinic, mainly burns, mammoplasties and facial surgeries.

Dr. Lopes, owner of the Plasticenter Clinic with a vast experience in this specialty, talks about the results obtained from the use of Dermatique.

The new Plasticenter Clinic in Para de Minas occupies a built surface of 14,500 square feet and under Dr. Lopes' care and supervision, has attracted many patients even from other states. It is a revolutionary work of architecture, looking more like a hotel than a hospital. It consists of 10 well-decorated apartments, two fully equipped operating rooms, a study center and a mammography examination room. "This whole structure is at the disposal of my colleagues wishing to use it for their practices, " explains its Director.

Dr. Lopes found out about Dermatique at a Plastic Surgery Congress that took place in Southern Brazil around 1991, at which time he obtained a sample of the product. His wife, Celina, used Dermatique and was thrilled with the results and thereafter he began to recommend the Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula to his patients.

Dr. Lopes uses Dermatique in most treatments and surgeries performed in his clinic, in aesthetic surgeries of the face, eyelids and mammoplasties in general, with highly significant results. Lopes asserts that patients accept the product very well and that many of them go on to use it as a skin hydrating and nourishing cream. "The patient that starts to use Dermatique practically won't stop using it, because it also serves as a hydrating agent and once the initial need is no longer there, then goes on to use it on a regular basis," he explains.

Dr. Lopes uses Dermatique mainly for corrective surgeries, injured patients or patients with a history of hypertrophic scars. Especially in dealing with burns, he won't do without Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula, since, the surgeon explains, "Dermatique enhances healing, improves skin texture and the final scar appearance."

To correct hyperpigmented spots the surgeon alternates the use of glycolic acid with hydroquinone with Dermatique, with gratifying results.