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Dermatique CRF

Dermatique CRF

4 oz Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula was originally designed as a therapeutic skincare product for primarily the skin of the face and neck. It has evolved, however, into a Cell Renewal formula that produces biological activity in the cutaneous system, namely, the skin, and mucous membranes of the mouth and nose when applied directly to it.

The Anabolic Skin Formula

This therapeutic skincare formula derives its beneficial effects by the synergistic action of its unique ingredients on the skin. These unique ingredients are tetraiodothyronine, vitamin A palmitate and betaestradiol, solubilized in a base which permits rapid absorption by the skin, and mucous membranes.

How does it work?

It is common knowledge that steroids and vitamins are readily absorbed by the skin, but it is less well known that tetraiodothyronine is absorbed by the skin also! There is a potentiating effect of thyroxin on the biologic activity of vitamin A and betaestradiol in the skin. Thus, thyroxin must be regarded as a metabolic agent and when growth response is measured in the skin, it is found to be greater for the total formula than the sum of the individual ingredients.

Therefore, metabolic changes are stimulated in the skin by accelerating normal cellular growth in the epidermis (skin) without inducing any systematic effects.

Response sequence noted with Twice Daily use of Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula.

First Bottle - A moisturizing effect is noted in just a few days and a perceptible difference often recognized only by the patient occurs in 3-4 weeks.

Second Bottle - A beneficial response is recognized in 5-7 weeks.

Third Bottle - A pronounced effect is apparent after 12 weeks.

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