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Frequently Asked Questions

After a week of using Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula, my skin broke out. Is this normal?

This can happen. Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula is strong skin therapy and penetrates deeply into the pores. When one considers all the makeup and creams applied to the face over years filling the skin pores, it is not unusual that this is brought to the surface as Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula is absorbed deeply into the skin. If your skin does break out, discontinue use for one week and allow your skin to "cleanse" itself. Then resume using Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula as directed.

My doctor has me on accutane for my skin condition. Can I use Dermatique?

No. Just no. Even once your use of accutane has been discontinued, check with your doctor or dermatologist before using Dermatique.

I have acne vulgaris. Will Dermatique® help?

No. Dermatique is not an active acne treatment. However, once your acne has cleared up, Dermatique can help to smooth out and fill in acne pits and scars left behind by your acne vulgaris.

Will Dermatique help MY skin condition?

According to Federal Law we are not permitted to make any specific claims guaranteeing results of use of Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula. Over the past 15 years, thousands of people have used Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula and experienced dramatic results on their particular skin condition. We encourage you to try Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula for yourself.

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