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Dr. Bojan Ciric, MD
Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Royal Aesthetic Laser Center, Belgrade
Phone: + 381 11 669 634
Fax: + 381 11 669 534

William O'Malley
AmDerm Corp.
55 NE 39th St. Miami, FL 33137


Dear Mr. O'Malley,

I have been using the Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula in my practice for years and have been uniformly pleased with its unique topical characteristics, safety and convenience.

My patients and the patients of my colleagues are delighted with the unique properties and effects of Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula which can be defined as:

Immediate effect: Hydration

Key effects:

a. epidermal wrinkle removal and fantastic facial skin rejuvenation,
b. fresh scar improvement that could not be observed using any other OTC product.
c. astonishingly fast disappearance of postoperative redness and swelling.

The majority of our patients, once they are familiar with Dermatique, do not use any other cosmetic creams either for hydration or for rejuvenation effect.

I have personally used Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula for five years. It gives me a younger and fresher look, which has been extremely helpful for my professional career. As you can see I look almost six years younger in comparison to my biological age.

I have been utilizing Dermatique after various surgical and laser-surgical procedures, such as:

a. removal of both pigmented and unpigmented skin lesions after secure diagnostic employing Madtec's score dermatoscopic program,
b. laser removal of vascular skin lesions employing Madtec's radio frequency device, ESC and coherent lasers,
c. treatment of postoperative scars following face and neck lifts, breast reductions and any other cosmetic or diagnostic procedure associated with incisions and excisions performed either by use of scalpel, radio frequency or laser device.

In the majority of cases Dermatique contributes to the faster disappearance of redness and swelling and is guaranteed for almost invisible postoperative scars.

It is astonishing to mention the following case: In the past we used a triamcinolone ointment after laser or radio frequency treatment of telangiectasia in order to reduce redness and swelling. After treating the facial telangiectasia of a 61 year old patient we routinely applied the triamcinolone ointment. There was no effect at all. Some minutes after the application of Dermatique Cell Renewal formula, we observed no further redness and the swelling was significantly reduced. If anyone would ask me how this was possible, I simply could not give an answer. After that case we started to always use Dermatique for that purpose.

Two years ago we started to use the Dermatique Clarifying Lotion with 10% glycolic acid before applying the Dermatique Cell renewal Formula. The daily use of this cosmetic combination produces even more impressive effects, because the fruity acid not only allows for a better penetration of the Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula but also produces a fantastic soft and safe peeling.

In summary, our patients and we have been very pleased with the rejuvenation and healing efficacy and safety of your fine unique Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Bojan Ciric, MD